sábado, 11 de abril de 2015

Dying Breed

Eu não tive tempo de parar e ouvir com atenção todo o álbum novo do Accept ano passado, então foi indo de pouco em pouco. Eles tem algumas letras bem notáveis, e conforme eu ouvia "Dying Breed", pude notar como algumas partes não eram coincidência. Veja o que você acha:

Once upon a midnight, the metal flag was raised
Long ago a SABBATH BLACK cut through the PURPLE HAZE
Upon a SILVER MOUNTAIN a message loud and clear
SCREAMING WITH A VENGEANCE that we will forever hear

They're the pride of our ages
In their anthems we trust
Like denim and leather

Here's to...the rocking warriors
Here's to...our heroes and friends
And those who've gone before us
We're loyal straight 'til the end

They're The Last of a Dying Breed
And we salute you
The Last of a Dying Breed

The ZEPPELIN LED it's voyage thru skies of PURPLE DEEP
The guillotine come crashing down and heads rolled in the streets
And in a land down under HIGHWAY TO HELL was paved
An IRON FIST cut the deck and drew the ACE OF SPADES

They're the pride of our ages
In their anthems we trust
It's metal to metal
And dust to dust

Notou mais alguma menção?

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